Renewable Energy Projects

PV - Cauquenes-Pilen [CQP]

CHILE: Cauquenes Province, Maule Region. -/- 7 km to the west from Cauquenes, next to route M830

Photovoltaic Parks: Projects & Business Development

SOLAR Project: 3 MWp

  • 5,5 hectares

  • Yield: 2.100 kwh/m2/year

  • Interconnection Distance: 400 m.

  • Voltage connection: 13,2 kV

  • ICC Value: USD 45.229

  • Node Price Reference: Charrúa

  • Altitude: 200 m.

  • Minning Rights: Registered

  • Environmental Status: Ok

  • IFC Status: Approved


  1. Development and finish construction: 1 year.

  2. Construction time: 6 months.

  3. Operation time: 25 years.

  4. Payments:

  5. Project sale Price:


  • Limited supply of PMGD projects that can benefit from a stabilized price.


  • Irradiation lower than projects located in RM, VI


  • Project received at a stabilized price.

  • Use of land suitable for the type of project.

  • Cheap interconnection of a few meters of line and short easements.

  • Development cost included.

  • Location close to major cities, reduces cost of transport of material, workers, no need for mancamp, etc.

  • Reduced deadlines to start receiving income, less than a year.


  • Enviromental base line (human studies, Flora and fauna, archeologyst, landscape, river channels, etc.

  • Studies and analysisfor sectorial permits.

  • Minning Cadastre.

  • Basic Engineering of interconnection and comunicationsfor 3 MW Project.

  • Topography studies.

  • Hidrology studies.

  • Preliminary Soil test.

  • Irradiation studies.

  • Real estate titles studies.