Advanced Petroleum Recovery System

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[APRS] Advanced Petroleum Recovery System

The Advanced Petroleum Recovery System is an innovative process for Water treatment of produced water, that is offered as a service to Oil and Gas companies, which process utilizes our patented technology. Our unique process is based on improved Hydrodynamic Cavitation method, that utilizes our custom-designed, patented, Ionizing reactors. This process increases Oil production, by as much as by 40% (in certain cases) with very little investment and virtually no additional energetic expense.

Oil contamination of many lakes and streams has become a common problem in some oil-producing areas. Since our process helps to deal with oil separation in the most cost-effective manner, and kills harmful bacteria, it helps Oil companies to comply with environmental regulations and contributes to the environmental preservation of lakes and rivers.

In addition, our technology can be used to treat drinking water, as the process eliminates bacteria, and makes the precipitation of heavy minerals much more effective.

Additional benefits include lowering harmful chemicals buildup (paraffin, swelling clays, sulphur, etc), less use of chemicals in the well, reduction in injected water pressure, and many, many more)

The main benefits and applications of the APRS water-treatment process are:

  • Improved Oil-Water separation: Our method guarantees much more efficient separation, allowing to practically eliminate 100% of Oil from the produced water, using only conventional methods. This has great importance in Oil production, but also environmental implications, as the resulting water is notably free of Oil . The separated Oil has also very low water content. (typically between 0.6 and 0.2 % BS&W). The separated Oil’s API is slightly increased by 1-2 points.

  • Disposal Water treatment: When water is being re-injected in a disposal underground reservoir, our process brings big savings in energy and equipment, as Ionized water requires about half the pressure than normal disposal water for re-injection (i.e. less energy, and/or smaller pumps). Furthermore, water that has been processed by the APRS system is notoriously free of bacteria and oil.

  • Well Stimulation: In wells with decreasing production, or where Water-Flooding methods are being used., the re-injection of APRS-treated water causes rapid well stimulation, and an increase in production in a short period of time (3 to 5 months). The increase in production could be between 15% to 40%.

Usually, no major retrofit effort is needed at the Oil-field, other than the insertion of our patented Ionizing Reactors, which are normally installed in-line with the produced fluid pipe-lines.

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[APRS] Advanced Petroleum Recovery System

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