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BlueMax is a completely organic, plant derived fuel additive specifically designed to address the deficiencies of modern fuels. Unlike most fuel additives, BlueMax contains no Naphtha, solvents or harmful organo-metalics. It is non-hazardous and non-flammable, and BlueMax is sustainably sourced and distributed. by Iontek International LLC.

BlueMax has been in use for more than 20 years, with narrowly targeted distribution and a base of loyal customers. Prompted by the alarming rate of global warming and rising fuel prices, BlueMax was founded with plans to gear up for national and international launches of the product in late 2008 and early 2009. In the meantime, we are targeting specific markets for early distribution and future production.

With BlueMax, our primary goal is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but our second goal is creating financial advantages in fuel economy and engine maintenance savings.

Crude Oil & Fuels: Quality Improvements Services

[APRS] Advanced Petroleum Recovery System

Mejoras en la Calidad del Petróleo

Crude Oil Quality Improvements

Mejoras en la Calidad del Petróleo

Crude Oil Quality Improvements

Mejoras en la Calidad del Petróleo

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

Limpieza de Tanques de Combustibles

OIL-Water Separation

Separación de Agua y Petróleo

Smart Digital Solutions & Disruptive Technology

Intelligent Refinery & Petrochemical

Digital & Secure Refining, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Disruptive Technology, Quantum Sensing, Quantum IOT, Quantum Cybersecurity & Quantum Communication, Advanced Petroleum Recovery System


OIL Quality Fluis & Real Time Data, Smart Sensing, Disruptive Technology Solutions, Quantum IOT, Quantum Comunicaction, C4-Oil Datalink, Crude Oil Quality Improvements, Pigging Solutions

Quantum 5G's Oil & Gas Networks

Ultrasecure Quantum Datalink, Quantum CyberSecurity, Quantum Crytography, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communication, Data Science & BigDATA, C4-Oil Datalink, Artificial intelligent (AI), Machine Learning

Advanced Petroleum Services


Exploración y Producción


Transporte y Almacenamiento


Refinación & Comercialización

OFF-GRID Energy Solutions

Mobil Liquid Fuel to Electricity Units

Grupos a Combustible líquido

Gas to Electricity Units

Grupos electrógenos de turbinas de gas

[VAWT] Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Aerogeneradores de Eje Vertical

Energy Storage System (ESS)

Sistemas de Acumulación de Energía

Transmission & Management

Transmisión & Administración

Batteries & Power GRID

Baterías y Potencia Administrada

Green FUELS & Alternative Fuels

BioEnergy: BioGas & BioFuels

Bio Combustibles y Bio GAS

Waste to Energy Plants

Energía desde Residuos

Blue & Green Hydrogen

Hidrógeno Verde & Hidrógeno Azul

Power Generating Sets

Gas to Electricity Units: 2.5 MWh

Grupos electrógenos de turbinas de gas

Gas to Electricity Units: 6 MWh

Grupos electrógenos de turbinas de gas

Gas to Electricity Units: 10 MWh

Grupos electrógenos de turbinas de gas

GTE -2.4 MWh - ExC

Gas Turbine Electric Power Plant of external combustion 2.4 MWh

Gas-Pumping Units

GPU K/5.5-GTP/6.3 SK
Grupos electrógenos de turbinas de gas