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Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Process & Sludge Recovery

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Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Process & Sludge Recovery

IonTek International LLC has specialized in development and production of automated, non-man entry, large oil tank cleaning, Oil Recovery systems and Produced water treatment using safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods. Oil, as a natural resource, has becomes more scarce and increasingly valuable. Based on this perspective, IonTek’s vision is to set the standards of oil recovery and tank cleaning systems that will add to a maintainable system at storage facilities worldwide. Most crude and heavy fuel oil storage tanks contain large amounts of accumulated sludge. In some cases, this sludge buildup is of such a large amount as to make the tank non-usable. Often storage operators continue to allow sludge buildup to continue for several years. To physically remove the sludge is a very costly procedure. However to allow it to remain reduces valuable storage capability and allows water, corrosive sediments, paraffin’s to accumulate and compress on the bottom.

This situation has been found to drastically increase the maintenance time and costs, when tanks are cleaned by current conventional methods. Problems related to the crystallization and deposition of heavy organic fractions during production, transportation and storage of crude oils can also lead to considerable financial losses for the petroleum industry. The heavy organic fractions may include paraffin’s or waxes, resins, asphaltenes, and organometallic compounds that exist in crude oils in various quantities, states, and forms. The severity of the deposition problems varies widely and depends on factors such as the crude oil composition, operating conditions in the reservoir and production procedures. Problems associated with the solid deposits may be encountered anywhere in the production process from the reservoir to the refinery.

The problems manifest themselves through the accumulation of solid deposits in the storage tanks at field terminals and originate often from the mixtures of various crude oils transported to the terminal by pipeline. IonTek develops, manufactures and globally markets mobile systems for automated waste oil recovery and storage tank cleaning in the oil and petrochemical industries. IonTek cleaning systems offer a combination of oil tank cleaning with simultaneous integration of the heavy petroleum sludge’s back into the stored product. The resulting product has a significant higher value than a sludge petroleum product. This system reduces down time to a minimum and returns valuable storage capacity to the storage operator. IonTek’s Tank cleaning and Oil Recovery services are offered through independent service providers. These local companies are members of the IonTek family of certified Oil Service providers

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