Renewable Energy Projects

PV - Don Lorenzo [90 - 100 MWp]

CHILE: Til Til Province, Metropolitan Region. -/- 30 km north of Santiago -/- • Next to route 5 North.

Photovoltaic Parks: Projects & Business Development

SOLAR Project: 90 - 100 MWp

  • 263 hectares.

  • GHI: 2100 kWh/m²/año

  • Load Factor AC: 28‐30% aprox - Tracker system.

  • Interconnection: Subestación Manzano 220 kV < 2 km.

  • Use of land category: >4

  • Altitude: 540 meters.

  • Minning Rights:

  • Environmental Status:

  • IFC Status:

  • OBS:


Project Risks

Enviromental (Medium):

• Not critical ponits detected.

• Last 5 years more than 12 projects in RM has been approved, only 1 was rejected but was re‐entered and approved 1 year later.

Interconnection (Low):

• The Project connect to Manzano substation.

• Possible delays are mitigate with buffer in development time.

• Existing tools to push approvals.

Easements (Very Low):

• Not risk associated. Short lenght.


Lease Contract:

  • Construction start deadline: March 2025.

  • Payments Development:

    • UF 1.000 March 2022.

    • UF 1.500 March 2023.

    • UF 2.000 March 2024.

  • Construction time: 1 year (Payment of minimun of UF 6.900 per year).

  • Operation time: 30 years.

  • Land Lease Operation Rent: Depending of tracker or fix system to be use. Minimun of UF

  • 6.900 per year.

Development Costs to Ready to Build (RTB):

  • USD 500K‐700K (Interconnection, Electrical Concession, EIA, Legal, Contingencies).

  • Management 300K (estimated).


  • Be Located in Santiago. (30% Load factor)

  • Land condition completely flat, use of land suitable for this kind of projects reducing construction costs. Use of land type 4, reduce mitigation cost for change use of land.

  • Cheap interconnection only a few km of line and short easements. Connect directly tu substations bay in Polpaico substation.

  • Low toll costs.

  • Low development costs.

  • Location near to Santiago, reduce materials transport costs, workers, no necessary mancamp, etc.


  • Irradiation 10%-15% lower than projects located in I, II or III region.

  • Lease land cost higher to BBNN (governmental sites) sites in the north.


  • To be located near to Santiago, has a preference located PPA Bid's because is not affected by decoupling of the system (all the PPA bid's require injection point and referential price in Polpaico substation 220 kV)

  • Limited offer of sites in RM, almost non-existen offer of sites.


  • Pollutions effects (Smog) not studied in detail.


  • Enviromental Pre Feasibility.

  • Studies and analysis for sectorial permits.

  • Minning Cadastre.

  • Irradiation studies.

  • Real estate titles study.