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Electro Mobility

Electro Movilidad


ELECTRO MOBILITY VALUE CHAIN - Cadena de Valor de la Electro Movilidad

Electro Vehicles Factory

Industrial Production
Production Assembly Lines, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Robotics & Automatized Lines, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Design Automotive Centre, Automotive Terminals, Intelligent mechanics, Composite materials, Anthropomorphic robotics, Additive manufacture

EV LAB: Knowledge Centre
Advanced Knowledge Centre: Electric & Hybrid Vehicles LABs, Testing & Certification, Smart Mobility Systems LAB, Electric Vehicles [EV] Programs, Technological Transfer & Technical Assistance Programs, Academy & Training: E-Mobility Training Center, Advanced Simulation Mobility Systems

Automotive ExpoComplex
Exporter Automotive Complex: Mobility Industry and multimodal transportation, Electro Mobility, Automotive Terminals, Industrial Assembly Plants, Automated Production Lines, Auto Parts Suppliers, New Propulsion Systems, Production of parts, spare parts & accessories.

Electro BUS

Smart e-Bus Programs & Solutions, Smart Mobility Master Plan & Public Transport Policies, Autonomous & Driving Enhanced Solutions, Alternative Fuels & New Propulsion Systems, Multimodal Transport Systems

Electro Vehicles [EV]

Trade & SALES: Transporte Eléctrico y Emisión Cero, Electric Transport and Zero Emission, Electro Bus, Electro Utilitarian, e-TAXIs, e-VANs, e-CARs, Hybrids CARS, e-Trains. e-Monorails, Maintenance & Support

Micro Mobility [EV]

Electric Transport and Zero Emission: e-CARs, e-Scooters, e-Bikes, e-Bicycles, Hybrids, DRONES, eVTOL UAS (Unmanned Air Systems), [UAM] Urban Air Mobility

[EV] Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Algorithms, Charging scheduling- Grid-to-Vehicle, EV Dis-charging scheduling, Renewable Energy Management, Marketing Incentives provision, Smart Grids & Smart Metering, EV & Mobility on Demand (MoD), ESS Energy Store Systems Control, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility & Smart City

ADAS Systems

Advanced Drive Assistance Systems: Road sign detection, Pedestrian detection, Vehicle detection, Vehicle localization, Traffic lane detection, Emergency braking systems, Forward collision warning systems

Quantum Cybersecurity

Quantum Cryptography & Advanced Algorithms, Quantum Entanglement Virtualization, UltraSecure Data & Networks, UltraReliable and Unhackable Software Solutions

EV Renewable Energy
Solar Photovoltaics Parking Lots, Wind Power & Combined Solutions to EV GRID Power, OFF-GRID Power Solutions, KITs for Homes & Public Space EV Charging Network, Smart Houses EV Systems

EV Charging Infrastructure

Electro GRID Projects: EV Infrastructure Network, Zero Emission Programs, EV Charging Network, Hybrid Vehicles, ON-GRID & OFF-GRID Solutions, [ESS] Energy Storage System, EV Monitoring Centre & Traceability Systems

EV Payment Cards System

EV Payment & Banking System, Quantum EV Applications for Smart Phone Systems, Quantum Cyber Secure Payment System and Quantum Data Link, Quantum Communication, Autonomous Vehicles Systems


Urban Aerial Cable Car

UAM: Urban Air Mobility

Smart Mobility: Projects & Solutions - Proyectos de Movilidad Inteligente


Self-Driving Car

Driverless & Autonomous

Interconnected Microgrids

Smart Payment Systems

Transportation Cybersecurity

Intelligent Transport System

Smart Traffic Management

E-Mobility Training Centre

Electro Vehicules (Products) - Vehículos Eléctricos (Productos)

Electro Vehicules (Products) - Vehículos Eléctricos (Productos)

Electro CARS (Products) - Automoviles Eléctricos (Productos)

eBus & EV: Electric Axles

Batteries & Systems

Electro Conversions KITS