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Electro Buses


Electro Vehicules (Products) - Vehículos Eléctricos (Productos)

Double-Decker Electro Bus

Articulated Electro Buses

Long Distance Electro Buses

Electro Buses Large Couch

Electro City Buses

eBus & EV: Electric Axles

Batteries & Systems

Electro Conversions KITS

Smart Mobility Projects: ELECTRO VEHICLES - Vehículos Eléctricos

Electro BUS

Smart e-Bus Programs & Solutions, Smart Mobility Master Plan & Public Transport Policies, Autonomous & Driving Enhanced Solutions, Alternative Fuels & New Propulsion Systems, Multimodal Transport Systems

Electro Vehicles [EV]

Trade & SALES: Transporte Eléctrico y Emisión Cero, Electric Transport and Zero Emission, Electro Bus, Electro Utilitarian, e-TAXIs, e-VANs, e-CARs, Hybrids CARS, e-Trains. e-Monorails, Maintenance & Support

Micro Mobility [EV]

Electric Transport and Zero Emission: e-CARs, e-Scooters, e-Bikes, e-Bicycles, Hybrids, DRONES, eVTOL UAS (Unmanned Air Systems), [UAM] Urban Air Mobility

[EV] Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Algorithms, Charging scheduling- Grid-to-Vehicle, EV Dis-charging scheduling, Renewable Energy Management, Marketing Incentives provision, Smart Grids & Smart Metering, EV & Mobility on Demand (MoD), ESS Energy Store Systems Control, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility & Smart City

ADAS Systems

Advanced Drive Assistance Systems: Road sign detection, Pedestrian detection, Vehicle detection, Vehicle localization, Traffic lane detection, Emergency braking systems, Forward collision warning systems

Quantum Cybersecurity
Quantum Cryptography & Advanced Algorithms, Quantum Entanglement Virtualization, UltraSecure Data & Networks, UltraReliable and Unhackable Software Solutions

EV Renewable Energy
Solar Photovoltaics Parking Lots, Wind Power & Combined Solutions to EV GRID Power, OFF-GRID Power Solutions, KITs for Homes & Public Space EV Charging Network, Smart Houses EV Systems

EV Charging Infrastructure

Electro GRID Projects: EV Infrastructure Network, Zero Emission Programs, EV Charging Network, Hybrid Vehicles, ON-GRID & OFF-GRID Solutions, [ESS] Energy Storage System, EV Monitoring Centre & Traceability Systems

EV Payment Cards System

EV Payment & Banking System, Quantum EV Applications for Smart Phone Systems, Quantum Cyber Secure Payment System and Quantum Data Link, Quantum Communication, Autonomous Vehicles Systems

Electro Vehicles Factory

Industrial Production
Production Assembly Lines, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Robotics & Automatized Lines, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Design Automotive Centre, Automotive Terminals, Intelligent mechanics, Composite materials, Anthropomorphic robotics, Additive manufacture

EV LAB: Knowledge Centre
Advanced Knowledge Centre: Electric & Hybrid Vehicles LABs, Testing & Certification, Smart Mobility Systems LAB, Electric Vehicles [EV] Programs, Technological Transfer & Technical Assistance Programs, Academy & Training: E-Mobility Training Center, Advanced Simulation Mobility Systems

Automotive ExpoComplex
Exporter Automotive Complex: Mobility Industry and multimodal transportation, Electro Mobility, Automotive Terminals, Industrial Assembly Plants, Automated Production Lines, Auto Parts Suppliers, New Propulsion Systems, Production of parts, spare parts & accessories.